More and more people find out they have skin cancer every year.

Read the answers to the questions below to find out how you can lower your chances of getting skin cancer, and when you should go to the doctor.



Utah's Situation
What's the Situation in Utah?
What Utah's Doing
What's Utah doing to Fight SkinCancer?


What is skin cancer?

What causes skin cancer?

Can skin cancer be prevented?

What does SPF mean?

What SPF is needed to prevent skin cancer?

Do tanning beds cause skin cancer?

Are there different types of skin cancer?

How can I tell if I have skin cancer?

Does skin cancer have symptoms?

Who can get skin cancer?

How is skin cancer diagnosed?

How is skin cancer treated?

Where can I find support groups or other resources for those with skin cancer?

Do I have a higher chance of getting skin cancer if a member of my family had it?


Looking for more information? You can also visit the Huntsman Cancer Institute's Cancer Learning Center to find out more about cancer. You can even check out books from their library (they'll even mail them to you)!! Click here to visit their website, or call 888-424-2100 for more information.


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