Colon cancer is the second leading cancer-killer in the United States.

Check out the frequently asked questions below to see how you can prevent this deadly cancer.



Utah's Situation
What's the Situation in Utah?
What Utah's Doing
What's Utah doing to Fight Colon Cancer?


What is colon cancer?

Who can get colon cancer?

Does colon cancer have any symptoms?

What screening tests are there for colon cancer?

When should I be screened for colon cancer?

What should I expect if I get a colonoscopy?

How is colon cancer diagnosed?

How is colon cancer treated?

Can colon cancer be prevented?

Do I have a higher chance of getting colon cancer if my family member had it?

Are there support groups or other resources for people with colon cancer in Utah?


Looking for more information? You can also visit the Huntsman Cancer Institute's Cancer Learning Center to find out more about cancer. You can even check out books from their library (they'll even mail them to you)!! Click here to visit their website, or call 888-424-2100 for more information.


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